Tips To Prepare a Child for Sedation Dentistry in Victoria

A visit to your family dentist in Victoria should be stress-free and positive for both the parents and kids. However, this is not always the case. Especially for kids who have had to deal with multiple cavities in the past. For such kids, ensuring that the family dentist is a trained paediatric dentist as well may help the situation. Paediatric dentists are trained in behaviour guiding techniques which allow most kids and adults as well to go through their dental procedure without pain or fear.

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Some kids, however, need advanced techniques to cope with the fear and pain of the treatment. For such kids, sedation can help to reduce pain and increase cooperation during the dental treatment. Sedation dentistry allows fearful patients to receive comfortable, comprehensive and safe treatment. It also helps kids to start developing positive attitudes towards dental offices
and procedures.
The information below will guide you in determining if sedation is best for your kid. Also, it outlines some preparation tips for sedation dentistry in Victoria.
You should understand the goals of sedation
While there are numerous goals of sedation dentistry, at the very top of the list are:
To ensure the patient’s safety throughout the procedure and to safeguard his/her welfare


To reduce physical pain and discomfort during the procedure
To reduce psychological trauma and increase chances of amnesia
To control the movement of the patient during the procedure to ensure the procedure is completed safely
There are different sedation types
While paediatric dentists prefer using psychological techniques to control the pain and anxiety, there are instances where medication is necessary.
There are several types of sedation used. The sedation medication can be administered to the patient orally, through the IV line (intravenously) or by a quick injection (intramuscularly).
Note that sedation is just a term used to refer to the effects of the medication administered. The effects experienced range from deep, moderate to mild sedation. The dentist determines the level of sedation appropriate for your child.
The decision made is often based on the health status of the child, the anxiety level and extent of the treatment procedure. Each sedation level has different requirements regarding the number of people needed to be in the room, the equipment type and the certification the dentist requires to perform the procedures.
Be prepared
Most parents are unaware of the role they play in ensuring that their children are comfortable during a dentist’s visit. The fear of a parent could easily be transferred to the child. A child can tolerate the treatment better when the parent understands the procedure and expectations, and in turn, prepares them for the procedure.
As a parent, it is important to get all the information pertaining to the procedure. Ask as many questions as you please. If you get yourself to a point of comfort, you will transfer the same to your child. If any alterations of the procedure are to be made, you should know of this possibility ahead of time.
There are numerous methods to deliver a safe, humane and effective dental treatment for your child. Sedation dentistry is just one of these methods. Go over other options with your family dentist in Victoria and be part of the decision making process.


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