Same Day Dentures in Winnipeg

Thanks to technology, 21st-century dentures aren’t like the false teeth our grandmothers used to flaunt. Today, you have the luxury of enjoying same day dentures in Winnipeg. As the name suggests, this dental solution provides you with a perfect new set of teeth the same day your denturist in Winnipeg extracts your natural teeth. This allows you to smile, talk and eat without the world knowing you have new dentures.

But, while same day dentures in Winnipeg take dental solutions to a whole new level, most people are concerned with the pain associated with the solution. If you share in this concern, this blog will share some information on what you should expect the day you get the dentures and in the days that follow.

How Do Same-Day Dentures Work?

The process is simple. Your denturist in Winnipeg will extract your natural teeth and place a set of immediate dentures on your gums. The process is completed in two visits. Your denturist will first take impressions of your mouth to make the dentures. On your second dental visit and when your natural teeth are extracted, these premade immediate dentures will be placed on your gums. This process ensures there is no time lapse between tooth extraction and denture placement. The immediate dentures are worn for 6 – 12 months. During this period, you will need to honour dental appointments to track the fitting change of the dentures. New impressions will be taken to adapt to the change in size and shape of your jaw as healing continues. These new impressions will be used to make permanent dentures.

Pain Relief Options

Ideally, the process shouldn’t be painful. Your denturist in Winnipeg will provide you with some anesthetics to relieve the pain. The anesthetics are strong enough to last through both the extraction process and fitting of the immediate dentures. Additionally, if you have a chat with your denturist before the process, he or she may provide you with a choice of the anesthetics to use. If you have multiple extractions, pain relievers combined with intravenous sedation is recommended. Other options include light oral sedation, laughing gas or injected oral anesthetics. As your teeth are extracted, you will be under (asleep). When the anesthesia wears out and you wake, you won’t have any memory of the extraction process.

What to expect after the process

Once the anesthetics wear off, you might experience some pain at the site where teeth were extracted. This is a common occurrence and it shouldn’t worry you. The immediate dentures will help facilitate healing, minimize swelling and reduce bleeding. But, before leaving the dental clinic, ensure the immediate dentures fit you well and are comfortable.

Getting Used to Dentures

The day you get your teeth extracted and have the same-day denture solution, you will experience some swelling. The following one or two day’s diet should be characterized by soft foods or liquids. As your gums and jaws heal, the discomfort and swelling will gradually reduce. As it does, you can wean yourself  back onto your normal diet.

Though the process sounds easy, it needs close follow-up to ensure your mouth adjusts properly to the dentures and you return to your normal lifestyle fast.

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