Common Dental Procedures and What to Expect

Having a toothache can be an uncomfortable and obviously painful experience. But, many people are quite intimidated and frankly scared to go to the dentist. This is probably because they don’t know what procedure they will need. However, being informed of the common procedures a dentist performs can help calm one’s nerves and know what to expect through the procedure.

root canal


That said, here are 5 popular dental services in Lindsay performed in a dental office.


  1. Fillings and Repairs


This is a dental procedure for repairing teeth that have decayed due to a cavity. First, the dentist has to perform an exam on the tooth using different methods to determine the extent of the trauma or cavity. X-rays, cavity detecting dye, or fluorescence layer detection aids are some of the methods a dentist will use to detect a cavity. Tooth Trauma signs include worn out teeth, broken or cracked teeth when one uses their teeth to open things, tooth grinding or nail-biting.


A dentist uses different items to repair teeth. For instance, to repair a surface level cavity, the dentist first removes the part that is decayed on the tooth and then fills it up using a composite filling that takes the feel of a natural tooth.


  1. Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures


Dentures, Bridges, and Crowning are some other popular dental services provided at Lindsay dental clinics. Dental restorations or crowns are caps made from metal, porcelain, or a blend of other materials to resemble a tooth. This crowning is then fitted to sit on the part of the tooth
above the gums. Dental crowns are very helpful in covering stained, chipped, cracked or severely damaged teeth. Dentures and bridges are dental procedures used to replace missing teeth. A bridge is a dental cap that is used to restore one or more missing teeth.


  1. Tooth Extractions


This is the ejection of a tooth from its place on the bone. This is done if a tooth is beyond repair. However, most dentists resort to this only if they have already considered all the other treatments first. There are mainly two types of extractions done by a dentist, including simple and surgical extraction. Both of these procedures require anesthesia. The simple extraction, like the name suggests, is not a complicated procedure. This involves the loosening of the tooth, and then removing it. On the other hand, the surgical extraction is performed by an oral surgeon who makes a small cut into the gum and accesses the tooth to remove it.


  1. Root Canals


This is a popular procedure performed in case of an infected tooth. A root canal process involves the extraction of the tooth’s pulp; this is that part in the middle that contains veins, lymph tissues, arteries, and nerves. Once the root canal procedure is done, the space that remains is cleaned, disinfected, filled and then shaped.

  1. Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental services in Lindsay. This is a dental technique for cleaning teeth with a peroxide-based material for cleaning discoloured and stained teeth. In fact, teeth whitening is quite popular in regards to cosmetic surgeries and dental procedures offered in dental offices.




Hopefully, now you have more knowledge on what to expect in a dental office. In case of any tooth problem, it is best to have it checked sooner rather than later.

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